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March 2018

Breathing Again


I think it would be easy to complain. Easy to moan or yell out why me. Why after 9 months of protecting you, getting to bring you home and cuddle you so tight did I have to give you back? Why is life so unfair?

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Remember Me

The most magical place on earth

Disney, as I’ve mentioned holds a special place in my heart. In the past 2 years we have been fortunate enough to visit Paris twice and last May to Orlando. When we found out Andrew’s kidney function had declined to the extent where he needs a kidney transplant we decided a holiday was required. His doctor said we could take a holiday before Andrew starts the process of awaiting his transplant. I was surprised that Andrew decided he would like to go back to Disney World. It made sense though. Where better to go to get away than the most magical place on earth?

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