The Lexi Mace Brighter Future Fund

Andrew and Sophie Mace welcomed Lexi to the world on 15th December 2017. Lexi’s arrival was eagerly anticipated by her sister, Annabelle and her brother Luke. On 16th December Lexi was discharged from hospital and came home to start life with her loving family. As a family of 5 they spent a perfect afternoon and evening together.

Tragically though it was not known how little time the family would have together. Late at night on 16th December Lexi became seriously unwell and returned to the hospital where she had been born just a day before. Lexi suffered several cardiac arrests and defied odds to be stabilised enough to be transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital. The hospital tried all they could to save Lexi but despite the best efforts of some of the greatest doctors in the world, Lexi died of sepsis on Sunday 17th December.

Whilst still trying to navigate through the traumatic loss of their daughter, Andrew and Sophie hope that they will be able to honour their daughters memory in a positive way. Not only by helping others but by giving them a positive focus for the future. With the help of Great Ormond Street Hospital, they have setup The Lexi Mace Brighter Future Fund. They have set themselves the target of raising £39,320; Lexi lived for just 39 hours and 32 minutes.

They hope to help the many families who pass through Great Ormond Street Hospital and hope to create a brighter future for some of the worlds sickest children.

They celebrated Lexi’s birthday in 2018 by hosting A Million Dreams Gala for GOSH. A Greatest Showman themed ball that raised over £4,000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

If you would like to know how to donate please visit our page here or contact Sophie