Chronic Kidney Disease

Kidney Update 21st December

Not home today unfortunately. Rather than going down, his creatine has gone up! One doctor thinks the kidney isn’t sleepy and there is something a miss, another thinks everything is fine still! So a few more tests today a CT and ultrasound. Drinking lots of water and another review tomorrow morning with the mornings blood test. Andrew’s certainly rattling about with the amount of tablets he is now on. The amounts will change over time depending on how the kidney is working with his body. One of the most important ones is the immune suppressants. That is what stops his body attacking the kidney and rejecting it. He will be on these for the rest of his life. He’s had two infusions of immune suppressants as well as having three different oral immune suppressants to take throughout the day. He’s also on steroids at a low dose that also act as a suppressant and a tablet to help prevent him getting chest infections. His immune system has essentially been wiped out by this combination and we’ve seen people return to the ward who had been discharged earlier in the week having now caught an infection. The early months after transplant it is so important to limit your exposure to germs that would normally not have affected him. They recommend no public transport for 3 months. No eating in restaurants or takeaways for 6-8 weeks, so he’ll have to put off that kebab for a while. I’m off home now to go and wrap Annabelle and Lukie’s presents ready for Tuesday. We were due to be going on holiday tomorrow for Christmas week but have obviously had to cancel that. We are keeping everything crossed we still get to enjoy a quiet Christmas at home together. Annabelle and Lukie got to see Father Christmas today and the dog seems to have got a job at the local pub so it’s safe to say they are in good hands. But it will be lovely to be back home together.

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