Chronic Kidney Disease

Kidney update 24th January 2019

We have got very good at waiting. So good that we know where to find the good seats in the surgical admissions lounge! Back row lazy boys for the win!Andrew is doing really well still. Today he is having a very small operation to remove the catheter that was put in his stomach at the end of November when they were planning for him starting dialysis. They will take that out and the stent that was put in during his kidney transplant op. When he has recovered from this op he will be able to pick the children up again 😊 something they are very excited about! With the dialysis catheter in he has only been able to lift up to 15kgs so been a long few months of no daddy pick ups! Tuesdays blood test showed a good up tick again in his kidney function. Was a relief after 10 days of it plateauing and creatine slightly creeping up again. This was due to his immunosuppressant level not being quite right. After a couple of changes to the tablets he seems to be on the right track again.

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