Chronic Kidney Disease

Kidney Update 27th December

Andrew’s creatine has come down to 249 which is incredible. This is a GFR (measure of kidney function) of 25 – the last time it was that high we think was around May 2017. It puts him out of end stage kidney failure. The day of his operation his GFR was 7.His tac level today was a little low so they have increased one of his immune suppressants. Tac or Tacrolimus level is the measure of treatment needed to prevent organ rejection. They have to find the optimum balance of suppressing his body from attacking the new kidney, whilst still allowing it to function. During the early stages after a kidney transplant getting this balance right can sometimes see a change in the kidney function. He’s been asked to increase his tac drug to raise that level, therefore lowering risk of rejection. It might be at the next test it shows the tac level higher and the kidney function a bit lower but eventually they will find that balance! Andrew is very pleased with how his new kidney is functioning and enjoyed being able to eat some chocolate over Christmas! I got given a job at the clinic today of taking his urgent bloods over to the lab 🔬 amazing to think these little bottles can tell us so much! (Probably a sign I’ve been there too much too now they are giving me jobs!)

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