Chronic Kidney Disease

Kidney updates

No change to report from up here I’m afraid. I imagine it’s a bit like waiting to hear confirmation you’ve won the lottery. The new kidney is still sleepy and not yet showing signs of functioning. This was making me feel anxious but the doctors have repeatedly reassured us that there is no cause for concern. They did another ultrasound of the new kidney today and blood is flowing round it well still, so the doctors are happy. We are waiting to hear that Andrew’s creatine has come down. This will show in a blood test and if it comes down it’s an indication the kidney has started working. So every blood test result we hold our breath and hope to hear it’s gone down! But when it finally does it will feel all the sweeter I’m sure. We heard today about someone whose kidney didn’t start working until 2 weeks after it was transplanted – so it’s still very early days.

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