One Day at GOSH

No matter how you fill it or where you live in the world, we all get the same, 24 hours in a day. 24 hours can feel like a lifetime or pass by in the blink of an eye. The average adult apparently spends 8-9 hours a day working. 7-8 hours sleeping. Roughly 1-2 hours eating. That leaves around 8 hours. 1-2 of those are spent moving, be that mindless movement from room to room or actual exercise. Leaving 2-6 hours of what is categorised as “other”; reading, scrolling through Instagram or maybe catching up on your favourite program. I’m wondering where in those 24 hours I would categorise answering the continual random questions my children ask, today’s example – “If an octopus lays such tiny eggs how is it able to find them all?” I’m pretty sure those questions fill at least a couple of hours a day! Prior to going on maternity leave, when I was pregnant with Lexi, I filled some of those hours in the day working at my brother-in-law’s structural and civil engineering consultancy, Abstruct Consulting. I had worked there for over three years when on my last day before I started maternity leave my waters broke. I had popped out of the office for a scheduled midwifes appointment fully expecting to return an hour later to finish off my work and eat some celebratory cake. I had spent months joking with my colleagues about me going into labour at work or trying to guess what I would call the baby. They had listened to all my pregnancy woes, especially my complaints of losing my hearing in my right ear, the bizarrest of pregnancy symptoms. They had shared in my excitement of being pregnant and when Lexi so tragically died, they shared too in our grief. They have been such incredible colleagues and when I told them about the fundraising we were doing in Lexi’s memory they knew they wanted to be involved. They had told me they wanted to take on the three peaks challenge which sounded hard enough but just to make it more of a challenge they were planning to complete all three peaks in just 24 hours! The 3 Peaks Challenge consists of climbing the country’s three highest mountains: Mount Snowdon (Wales, 1085m), Scafell Pike (England, 978m) and Ben Nevis (Scotland, 1345m). In just 24 hours it will involve them covering 26 miles of walking distance, 462 mile drive and 3064 metre ascent. It is a challenge that really will be testing their limits!They will be setting off on Friday 28th June, flying first to Glasgow and then driving to the first peak, Ben Nevis at 16:00. After Ben Nevis it is on to Scafell Pike before tackling the final peak, Snowdon which they aim to finish by 16:00 on Saturday 29th June. It is a real team effort as a self-guided group under the direction of one of the civil engineers, who as a scout leader has previously completed all three peaks. Six of them will be climbing, with two more of the team taking on the role of driver, ferrying the climbers between the peaks. I personally can’t imagine climbing one of those peaks let alone all three and all within 24hours! No 7-8 hours sleep, just what little sleep they can get whilst driving between the peaks! Makes me feel exhausted just thinking about it. In just 24 hours my 8 amazing colleagues will be overcoming so much to raise money and awareness of the incredible work Great Ormond Street Hospital do. Every day brings new challenges at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Every day, 618 children and young people from across the UK arrive for life-changing treatments. Every day, young lives hang in the balance as patients, families and staff battle the most complex illnesses. Every day, the brightest minds come together to achieve pioneering medical breakthroughs that change the lives of thousands of children – and change the world. Everything in this video was filmed across 24 hours at Great Ormond Street Hospital and shows how your support can help transform the lives of seriously ill children at the hospital. The money Abstruct raise will help the vital work that GOSH do everyday battling to save and improves the lives of the sickest of children.

Sophie x

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