Surviving Christmas

Even more good news today at Guys, Andrew’s creatine has dropped by another 200. His kidney function has already increased to what it was back in May and we hope it will continue to rise. He was told to go home and enjoy Christmas and will be back on Thursday as he starts attending a twice weekly transplant clinic. To anyone facing Christmas this year without someone they love, know you aren’t alone. I wish I knew last year that it might be possible to feel happiness again. When others told me, I couldn’t believe it was true. That I might be able to not just give a painted on smile, but feel it. Christmas will never be how we want it to be with Lexi missing. But unlike last year, we will be feeling joy. Joy can live along side sadness, we don’t need to chose only one to feel. I can’t wait to see Annabelle and Lukie’s faces tomorrow. The presents are wrapped, the food prepared and Andrew and I are snuggled up watching that Christmas favourite Deadpool 2! Survive Christmas by doing what is right for you, find your own way to feel joy. For us this year we planned to spend Christmas week just the four of us on holiday. Plans change but it’s going to be lovely to spend the time together at home, so grateful that we do get to spend it together. And if all of that or the thought of being able to feel joy is so far away, I survived last year with the words continually in my mind, of surviving one breath at a time.

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