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Monday morning blues

10 years ago I had my first experience of life not going as I had planned. As I walked into work on the morning of 15th September 2008 I was handed a piece of paper telling me that all was not well! I headed to the graduate training I had that day. When I got to the training room I sat with the other graduates, exchanging stories of what we had heard all trying to piece together what could be going on. As the head of our graduate scheme walked in to the room and burst into tears, I think we all managed to fill in the gaps ourselves.

After working with Lehman Brothers for my third year at university, my year in industry, I had worked as hard as I could focused on getting the degree I needed to be accepted onto the graduate scheme. I can remember receiving the phone call that told me I had a place, I had made it onto one of the top graduate schemes the banking world had to offer. Finally the hard work had paid off, I was given a role back in the team I had worked in with Andrew and l couldn’t have been happier.

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